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SafetySkills Releases 37 New or Replacement Courses in 2018 4th Quarter

2018 Q4 Course Launch

Thursday, Jan 10th, 2019

SafetySkills has announced the launch of 37 new or replacement courses that will wrap up the 2018 product roadmap.

New Courses

  1. CAL-13.2 Arc Flash for California
  2. CHM-7.2 Beryllium Awareness
  3. ETH-2.2 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Spanish
  4. FAL-2.2 Active Fall Protection – Spanish
  5. FOD-1.2 Food Defense – Spanish
  6. HRM-23.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Managers in New York
  7. HRM-24.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Employees in New York
  8. OCS-3.2 Rigging Safety
  9. OGS-3.2 H2S Safety for Oil and Gas – Spanish
  10. OGS-59.2 Contractor Orientation for Oil and Gas
  11. RET-17.2 Retail Safety Orientation
  12. TDG-1 Introduction to TDG
  13. TDG-2 Classification of Dangerous Goods
  14. TDG-3 Schedule 1
  15. TDG-4 Shipping Documents
  16. TDG-5 Marking
  17. TDG-6 Means of Containment
  18. TDG-7 Transportation Security Awareness
  19. TDG-8 Ground Carriers

Replacement Courses

  1. BOS-1.2 Office Safety
  2. CAL-4.2 Electrical Safety – Cal/OSHA
  3. CFS-1.2 Confined Space Awareness
  4. CFS-2.2 Confined Space Entry Supervisor
  5. ELT-4.2 Electrical Safety – Arc Flash
  6. ERG-1.2 Industrial Ergonomics
  7. ERG-2.2 Office Ergonomics
  8. HRM-18.2 Sexual Harassment for Managers in California
  9. HRM-21.2 Sexual Harassment for Employees in California
  10. HRM-7.2 Violence in the Workplace
  11. HTW-1.2 Hot Work/Arc Welding
  12. JSA-1.2 Job Safety Analysis
  13. LAB-2.2 Chemical Hygiene Plan
  14. MCG-1.2 Machine Guarding – Canada
  15. OGS-25.2 Electrical Safety Awareness for Oil and Gas
  16. OGS-46.2 Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers in Oil and Gas
  17. PPE-2.2 Hand and Pinch Point Safety
  18. STW-2.2 Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Industrial Ops

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