About SafetySkills

Who we are, how we got started and what makes us the best in online safety training

  • Training Clients Since 1993
  • Headquartered in Oklahoma City
  • Full In-House Staff

Online Workplace Training

In 1993, SafetySkills began designing, developing and deploying need-specific training content, focused on things like emergency response to hazardous material incidents, hazardous waste cleanup and chemical stockpile incineration.

After more than a decade of success in these areas, we recognized the need, and desire, for online safety training capabilities. We even designed and built our own outcome-based EHS management system. Today, everyone from a local family-run business to some of the largest manufacturing names in the country complete employee safety training using the SafetySkills product.

1,000+ Courses Released

Our extensive catalog covers a wide range of safety categories, plus HR requirements, off-the-job hazards and soft skills. We launch roughly 12 new learning titles each quarter.

30,000+ Companies Trained

With hundreds of courses available in six different languages, with more possible through custom translations, we are able to offer leading training content on a truly global scale.

3,000,000+ Completions in 2021

Because we have made our training content compatible with nearly any Learning Management System, we can reach thousands more companies to expand the reach of our services.

Combining our knowledge and expertise

To create the best safety solutions for your organization

Founded and still located in the United States, SafetySkills develops high-end, competency-based training courses for environmental health and safety and human resources education.

Established as a traditional training company that has embraced the digital realm, we’ve been in the safety training business for more than 20 years. We are an innovative company helping industries around the world reduce their occupational risks, and our experience with conventional training has been critical to developing our e-learning products.

At SafetySkills, we design and build all our training materials in-house, utilizing a dedicated team of subject matter experts, graphic designers, web developers, project managers and customer support representatives.

Having a fully internal team with no outsourcing allows us to create new content quickly and also means any changes or customizations are completed with few roadblocks.

And because we work with regulatory and industry experts to ensure the accuracy of every course we release, you can be sure your entire workforce receives complete and relevant training

As a company, we hold accreditation with the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and the EPA External Provider Program, and our staff holds numerous individual certifications including OSHA’s Outreach Training Program, the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and the Environmental Auditing Review Board.

Have total control with our

EHS Management System

Our full suite of tools allows you to review the hazards of a particular job, provide regular safety tips, report an incident and more.