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Accessibility Statement

SafetySkills’ mission is to provide the highest-quality environmental, health and safety elearning. In order to support this mission, we have designed – to the best of our ability – our elearning courseware to be accessible for all learners.

SafetySkills’ efforts to provide accessibility for all learners are ongoing. If you have comments, questions, requests or would like to contact us for any reason, please use your keyboard or mouse to access the following URL:

If you would like to review SafetySkills’ documentation concerning its compliance with VPAT Version 2.4 (International Edition), please use your mouse or keyboard to access the following URL: VPAT Version 2.4 (International Edition)

SafetySkills has performed internal accessibility testing using common screen reading software such as NVDA, Thunder Screen Reader, and browser-based solutions. We have also engaged a number of colleagues who function with varying levels of ability. As stated above, our efforts to provide accessible elearning are ongoing, and we are developing plans for more formal focus-group testing in the future. If you are interested in being contacted to participate in future product testing groups, please email

While we have made extensive effort to build accessibility into our products, we are still working to address gaps. If you would like to review SafetySkills’ Accessibility Conformance and Remediation Form, which details the current accessibility gaps in the SafetySkills product and our plans for addressing those gaps in the future, please use your mouse or keyboard to access the following URL: Accessibility Conformance and Remediation Form.

Product Features That May Improve Accessibility for Users with Disabilities

  1. Courses designed to comply with required contrast ratios defined in the WCAG 2.0 guidelines (1.4.3)
  2. Closed captioning timed to coincide with the spoken narrative of each course frame
  3. Designed so that screen readers and other assistive technologies can easily access text elements
  4. Keyboard- and assistive-technology accessible course controls, including mute, replay, back/forward, CC, transcript, etc.
  5. A full, assistive-technology-accessible transcript of each course frame

High-Impact Product Accessibility Gaps

Support tickets may be submitted, and FAQs and other information may be found at In the event that our Web-based ticketing system is unavailable, please call 1-888-844-3549 for telephone-based support.

Accessibility Support and Comment Forum

If you have an accessibility-related issue that is not addressed in our FAQs or that you cannot resolve through other means, please access You may submit a ticket to:

Accessibility-related assistance
Report accessibility problems
Request information in accessible alternate formats

Once a ticket has been submitted, a support representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have an issue that you cannot resolve through our standard support channels, please email We will do our best to assist you.