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Title IX Regulations and Changes

Under Title IX, it is now required that each school makes relevant information readily available for any student, employee or member of the public to view.


508 Compliance for Colleges and Universities: Offering Accessible Safety Training

It’s important to understand the laws and standards that colleges and universities need to follow in order to create an accessible educational atmosphere.

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Title IX Regulations and Proposed Changes

In anticipation of changes that will come in 2020, it is important to understand the current regulations and the future of Title IX.

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Ammonium Hydroxide in the Workplace

Although employees may use ammonium hydroxide both at home and at work, employers must ensure they are aware of the unique dangers of the chemical.

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Active Shooter: Will Your Campus Know how to React?

It seems almost impossible to turn on the news these days without hearing about another active shooting situation. From…

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Personal Protective Equipment: What It Is And When to Use It

Employers are responsible for providing proper and complete training on all personal protective equipment that is required to safely perform job tasks.

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Earthquake Safety

Because earthquakes can occur without warning, it’s important for employers and their workers to know proper earthquake safety protocol for their area.

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Behavior-Based Safety

The best way to prevent an incident from repeating itself is to utilize behavior-based safety (BBS), which examines the overall safety of your workplace.

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Your Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

By providing training to employees in their rights under the FLSA, you can prevent confusion on coverage of breaks, vacation, and other voluntary benefits.

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