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Preventing Trash and Debris Accumulation in Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

It’s important for everyone on an oil and gas offshore rig to know how to dispose of trash and secure items properly to prevent marine trash and debris.


Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure at Work

People who work around heavy machinery, fire or ignition sources should recognize these risks of carbon monoxide exposure and how to protect themselves.

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Industrial Facilities: Stormwater Pollution

Without proper planning, stormwater pollution could become a catastrophe. Check out these tips to ensure your facility is compliant.

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Rigging Safety

If your company works with cranes and other lifting equipment, it’s important for all employees to understand these proper procedures for safe rigging.

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Violence in the Workplace

By implementing these security measures and other administrative controls, you can ensure the safety of your workplace and employees. Learn more!

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Beryllium Safety

Beryllium is identified as a listed toxic substance and employers are required to protect workers from beryllium exposure in a number of ways. Learn more!

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Confined Space Entry: The Supervisor’s Role

Confined space entrys are complex and require appropriately trained personnel both working in the confined space and supervising the entry to the space.

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Job Hazard Analysis

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHS) is a process that helps employers identify the most hazardous jobs in a workplace, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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Sexual Harassment for Managers and Employees in California

California law prohibits the harassment of and discrimination against employees, job applicants, unpaid interns, volunteers and independent contractors.

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