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Fire Prevention for Natural Gas, Oil and Derivatives

Most workplaces have procedures to prevent fires, but fire safety needs special attention on an oil and gas site. Check out these fire prevention measures.


Earthquake Safety

Because earthquakes can occur without warning, it’s important for employers and their workers to know proper earthquake safety protocol for their area.

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NORM Awareness in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas employers can help protect workers by making sure they’re aware of these NORM / TENORM hazards and how to protect themselves.

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Behavior-Based Safety

The best way to prevent an incident from repeating itself is to utilize behavior-based safety (BBS), which examines the overall safety of your workplace.

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8 Reasons to Adopt Microlearning Training

See how SafetySkills can help you implement microlearning to create a more effective safety training program for your entire organization.

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Your Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

By providing training to employees in their rights under the FLSA, you can prevent confusion on coverage of breaks, vacation, and other voluntary benefits.

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Workplace Eyewash and Emergency Shower Requirements

Discover how eyewash and emergency showers help prevent long-term worker injuries, and the workplace OSHA and ANSI requirements.

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Workplace Hurricane Safety Measures

Taking these proper workplace hurricane safety measures to protect your personnel & property can help get operations back up & running soon after the storm.

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Time Management Skills

Train your employees to use time management skills to improve their organization, goal setting, and task completion, while reducing workplace stress levels.

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