What is “Competency-Based” Safety Training?

Competencies are measurable behavioral objectives used to define the actions a learner should be able to perform, and the level of skill that learner must be able to demonstrate when performing that action, in order for the learner to be considered fully trained.

Adobe Flash Dead

Don’t Flash at Work: Why Adobe Flash is Ending

Adobe Flash, a popular web application, is on the verge of extinction. Major companies, such as Google and Apple, no longer support it, and now SafetySkills is joining them. Don’t worry – we’ll cover what it is, what it means, and what you can expect.

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elearning vs conventional

What’s Best: eLearning or Conventional Training Approaches?

A big question that we are most often asked to answer: Is online safety training as effective as instructor-led safety training? After wrestling with this question for the past 10 years or more, we believe that neither instructor-led training or asynchronous elearning is inherently better than the other.

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Conceptual computer keyboard with accessibility key

508 Compliance and Online Safety Training for Colleges & Universities

Accessibility and compliance challenges in higher education Improving access for individuals with disabilities to valuable information and tools is…

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Two people looking confused in front of a blackboard with question marks

Safety Training is Most Effective in the Learner’s Native Language

The importance of native language safety training Hispanic and Latino workers have the highest workplace fatality rate of any…

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OSHA fines ahead

2 OSHA Rule Changes Set to Take Effect in August

OSHA increasing maximum penalties for violations on August 1 For the first time since 1990, OSHA is increasing their…

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Online training

Online Environmental Compliance and Safety Training

Content, Content, Content The three most important elements of any online training solution are content, content and content.


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osha forklift safety training

OSHA Forklift Training Requirements

Will online forklift training certify me to drive a forklift? Will online forklift training help me get a job…

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