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Negotiation Skills: Why is it important?

Although there is no way to guarantee success in every negotiation, here are ways to have a better chance of reaching the ideal outcome for all parties.


Lockout/Tagout: What you need to know

Employees who don’t honor the lockout/tagout system could cause serious or fatal injuries to themselves and others. Learn more about the consequences of not knowing, and make sure your employees are properly trained on the topic.

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The Importance of Proper Electrical Grounding

Workers need to be aware of possible electrical hazards in their work area and how to properly use grounding to protect themselves.

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Excavation and Trenching Basics

Every workplace should have these excavating and trenching basics in place to help protect workers from cave-ins, hazardous atmospheres and other hazards.

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Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

Human trafficking affects millions, with victims across several industries. It’s critical that employees are aware of the signs and know how to take action.

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Disabilities in the Canadian Workplace

Despite efforts to provide education and other resources, Canadians with disabilities still face illegal, discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

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Personal Protective Equipment: What It Is And When to Use It

Employers are responsible for providing proper and complete training on all personal protective equipment that is required to safely perform job tasks.

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Fire Prevention for Natural Gas, Oil and Derivatives

Most workplaces have procedures to prevent fires, but fire safety needs special attention on an oil and gas site. Check out these fire prevention measures.

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Earthquake Safety

Because earthquakes can occur without warning, it’s important for employers and their workers to know proper earthquake safety protocol for their area.

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