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Save time. Save money. Stay compliant.

Our team of safety experts develops 100 new courses and 50 course re-builds every year so your content never gets stale.

Assign, train and track every employee in any location on any device right from your office or in the field.

Access to a team of onboarding and training success professionals to ensure your program is successful.

The online training content you've been looking for.

Looking for a smart, reliable safety training program? 

Discover over 950 courses designed based on safety regulations and international standards to keep you and your employees safe and compliant.

When we were doing classroom-style safety training at ConAgra Foods, we would have to completely shut down production while our employees attended an hour-long training course. With 1,500 employees, this just wasn’t productive. Now with the SafetySkills program, we can conduct online safety training, two or three employees at a time, without affecting production. The cost savings is tremendous.

Gary Smiley

EHS Specialist, ConAgra Foods

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A suite of integrated tools designed to create a practical approach to safety training and management.

SafetySkills Empower seamlessly combines online training — always the number one priority at SafetySkills — with EHS management tools that directly impact a company’s overall safety program.   

Why Choose SafetySkills Empower?

Closes the Loop

Trainings can be targeted directly toward hazards identified through formal analysis – no guesswork.

Artificial Intelligence

The system will learn and improve over time, and will suggest controls and competencies based on performance data 


Lightweight modular approach for easy implementation and quick adoption.

Easily Accessible

Access applicable training content and toolbox talk sessions for your employee safety meetings and briefings.  

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