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A Four-Way Partnership for Safety

A Four-Way Partnership for Safety

Tuesday, Oct 18th, 2016

Client Story: Oil & Gas Lockout/Tagout Simulations

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Woman engineer in the oil field
4 companies working together for safetySafetySkills is based in Oklahoma City, a bustling hub of oil and natural gas production. Many major oil and gas companies call Oklahoma City home, including Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy, and Sandridge Energy. While these innovative companies compete heavily within the marketplace, they all share a strong committment to safety and environmental health.

When these three companies faced a shared training challenge, they came together, in partnership with SafetySkills, to develop cutting-edge training solutions designed to help the entire oil and gas industry work smarter.

Redefining Business Models

3 simulations to improve learning outcomesFully-interactive, immersive simulations are the gold standard in safety training. They are particularly useful for complex operations that require practice but are hazardous or disruptive to perform. Unfortunately, these simulations can also be prohibitively expensive.

Because safety and effective training are values shared by all three companies, they were happy to set aside competition and work together, along with SafetySkills, to create high-quality simulations of three common lockout/tagout situations relevant to their learners, at a fraction of what it would have cost each company to develop alone.

This unprecendented collaboration involved subject matter experts from each of the three oil and gas companies, as well as in-house experts from SafetySkills. These experts worked together to identify the most pressing training needs faced by the oil and gas industry, and developed realistic scenarios based on their professional experiences in the field.

Creating Custom Solutions

Screen shot of SafetySkills oil and gas lockout/tagout simulation

Every oil and gas company has their own procedures, and each of the three oil companies involved needed training that would address their specific policies and unique site-specific hazards, in addition to industry best practices and OSHA regulations.

SafetySkills worked with experts from each company to create a set of stock simulations that would apply to all oil and gas operations. Then, we developed augmented versions for each oil and gas company, with the additional information they required. Each company got exactly what it needed, and SafetySkills got a set of high-quality simulations to add to our library.

The three simulations walk learners through the lockout/tagout process on three different types of equipment: pipelines, compressors, and separators. The learner interacts with simulated equipment and can practice the procedure as often as they like, from the safety of the classroom, without disrupting normal operations.

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Safety Training for Oil & Gas

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Client Story: Oil and Gas Lockout/Tagout Simulations

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