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SafetySkills is the industry leader in online safety training. We deliver over 400 affordable online safety training courses on mobile, tablet, and desktop. We’ve trained over 23,000 companies, 1-million learners, and 11-million hours of training and growing!

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Who Needs Online Safety Training

The SafetySkills catalog for general industry is designed to provide a complete training library for all organizations in any industry. Each dynamic, competency-based environmental, occupational health, and safety training course is designed to have a broad appeal and includes imagery and scenarios from a variety of industries and occupational settings. All training is compliant with OSHA standard 1910 for general industry.

How Can SafetySkills Help?

We provide all the benefits of a comprehensive workplace safety training program for a fraction of the cost of traditional training. Our courseware is built right here in the USA by our expert team, with vibrant 3D animations, full narration, and interactive scenarios and competency assessments.

We offer flexible plans for teams of any size, and customization and branding options which allow you to control your messaging and learner experiences.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation for customer service. From pain-free setup and on-boarding through to responsive technical support and a customer-focused development process, we continually strive to provide the best possible services for our customers.

Full-Featured Learning Management

The SafetySkills LMS includes all of the features you need to efficiently administer your training program, including:

  • Simple, stress-free assigning and delivery, to individuals and groups, on any major platform
  • Real-time progress tracking and powerful reporting tools
  • Integration with most major Human Resource Management Systems


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