Pallet Jack Safety Now Available in Spanish

Screen shot from pallet jack training course

Wednesday, Oct 19th, 2016

Pallet jacks are common in retail stores, warehouses, and many other facilities. These devices make it faster and easier to move things around the store, increasing efficiency and helping to prevent lifting-related injuries. Unfortunately, pallet jacks present their own hazards that can cause serious injuries and significant property damage if used incorrectly. Training empowers employees to use their equipment safely and efficiently. To be most effective, training should be delivered in the employee’s native language.

Screen shot of pallet jack safety with course controls

SafetySkills Pallet Jack safety training features realistic scenarios and rich animations to effectively engage learners and reinforce key concepts. This course is designed to help learners in any industry recognize pallet jack types, controls, and safe operating procedures. It is presented in both English and Spanish in order to benefit a larger portion of the workforce.

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