Digital Learning in the Workplace: Why and How To Do It

As technology has advanced over the years, and society has become more adept at incorporating technology into everyday life, it makes sense employee training follows this same path and makes the digital transition. While not every team or organization may feel like they are fully prepared to switch to online learning, the process does not […]

July Course Highlight and New Course Launches

July course highlight blog and new course list

Basic First Aid An emergency situation can happen anywhere, both on and off the job. These situations can be stressful and unexpected, so it is important that employees are aware of necessary basic first aid procedures in order to keep themselves and those around them safe. Knowing basic first aid can help you save a […]

How Valuable is the EHS Function in Business Resilience?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen how businesses have had to adapt to many changes — an evolving pandemic, supply-chain interruptions, reduced workforce numbers. One business function in particular was forced to pivot in a variety of ways, and in fact has proven its value in helping companies stay resilient through uncertainty. […]

Access Active Shooter Training: Run, Hide, Fight

In many instances, the safety topics that are the least enjoyable to cover are the ones that are most important. No one wants to think they will find themselves in a situation where their life is at risk, but going through training reduces the amount of decision-making time needed in an emergency. Now, more than […]

June Course Highlight and New Course Launches

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Lawful Termination and Employee Separation Anyone in the Human Resources department within your company can play many crucial roles – from when someone new joins your organization to when someone may decide to leave. Human resources officers help with hiring, payroll, discipline, and employee termination or separation from the company. Whenever employees leave the company, […]

A Quick Guide to Workplace Audits and Inspections

Safety professionals using audits and inspection tool

No matter if you are a longtime safety expert or know relatively little about the industry, you have probably experienced a safety inspection or safety audit at some point. But what exactly do these events entail and how can they help your organization? Terms to Know Before digging too deeply into the importance of audits […]

SafetySkills Adds Audits and Inspections to EHS Management Suite

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As a long-time expert in occupational health and safety training, SafetySkills is known for their award-winning content, powerful learning management system and unsurpassed customer service. In 2021, they introduced SafetySkills Empower, an outcome-based training platform that caters to employees at any level and serves as an enhancement to their existing offerings. Now SafetySkills is excited […]

May Course Highlight & New Course Launches

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Course Highlight: Valley Fever Awareness Valley fever or Coccidioidomycosis – sometimes known as ‘San Joaquin valley fever’ or ‘desert rheumatism’ – is a fungal infection caused by inhaling fungus spores and affects thousands of people every year. Cases of valley fever are mostly saturated in the southwest but have been recorded along the west coast […]

Up and Coming Training Technology: Motion Capture

SafetySkills employee using motion capture technology

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of technology goes into creating employee training videos? The answer is probably “no,” but there is one technique that has come incredibly far over the years that we think deserves some attention — motion capture technology. Referred to as simply motion capture, or mo-cap, this technique […]

April Course Highlight and New Course Launches, Rebuilds, and Translations

April 2022 Course Highlight and New Course Launches

Course Highlight: Performing Safety Audits A safety audit is a process that identifies health and safety hazards, assesses the effectiveness of the measures in place to control those hazards, and ensures compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) standards. The latest statistics show that there were just over three million reportable nonfatal injuries […]