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SafetySkills focuses on providing world-class, technology-based solutions to global compliance training challenges

In order to be effective, the learner must be engaged. Our designers focus on leveraging the latest technologies in the development of rich-media, 3D simulation, animations and interactions to ensure that the learner stays engaged throughout the learning event.

  • Our Approach

    While our development teams are constantly innovating technologies and techniques to increase the effectiveness of our eLearning products, we remain disciplined in our design methodologies.

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  • Our Process

    Every project, regardless of size or scope, is assigned a dedicated project manager, who remains as a single point of contact throughout the project lifecycle.

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  • Levels of Complexity

    We can tailor the size, difficulty, and complexity to your organization's needs.

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  • Our Work

    We feel our work speaks for itself. We’ve provided fully functional demos of just a sampling of the types of work we do on a regular basis.

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Our Approach

Adult Learning Theory and ADDIE

Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation

Our instructional systems designers are practitioners of modern adult learning theory and the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) model. Once competencies and learning objectives are defined, our designers will apply the appropriate learning theory (Cognitivism, Behaviorism, Constructivism, or Social Learning) to help shape and define outcomes.

Efficient/Economical Development

Customizable online safety courses

We have in our inventory over 10,000 sharable content objects (SCOs) designed to be deployed in infinite combinations and permutations.

The benefit of this approach is that your organization ends up with highly interactive, immersing and engaging e-learning courses that meet your specific training requirements at costs in parity with off-theshelf products.

Our Process

Phase One  Analysis

In the analysis phase the instructional requirements are clarified, the instructional goals and objectives are established and the learning environment and the learning group's existing knowledge and skills are identified.The Project Manager and Instructional Systems Designer (ISD) will work to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project goals and work with you to determine the optimal instructional design strategy.

Phase Two  Design

The Project Manager, ISD and (if required) subject matter expert(s) will work with you to develop our project treatment, establishing a comprehensive set of terminal and enabling learning objectives, and levels of desired competency.This documents the project's instructional, visual, and technical design strategy. The User Interface will be designed and a prototype delivered for your approval.

Phase Three  Development

Our creative Digital Designers create and assemble content assets that were blueprinted in the design phase. Storyboards and graphics are designed, programmers develop and integrate technologies. Our testers perform debugging processes.

Phase Four  Implementation

Our Software Engineers and LMS technicians ensure that your content is deployed on the chosen distributive platform and that the SCORM packages load and record correctly.

Phase Five  Evaluation

While formative evaluation is performed throughout each phase of your project, your key attributes of the learner activity data are monitored and summative evaluations are prepared.

Levels of Complexity

Our Work

Below are some samples of the work we have performed.

Chesapeake Incident Reporting

Chesapeake Incident Reporting
Chesapeake Energy had us develop a custom, company-specific indent reporting course that required their employees to actually submit an incident report using a replica of their incident reporting software.

Coca-Cola New Employee Orientation

Coca-Cola New Employee Orientation
Great Plains Coca-Cola bottling hired SafetySkills to create a custom new employee orientation Web-based training course.

Competency Questions

Competency Questions
Our competency questions and quizzes use a variety of...

Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Training
Our Forklift Operator Training Series employs simulated operator controls, scenario-based decision logic, and realistic environments.

HazID Game

HazID Game
Requires Unity Player

Lockout/Tagout Pipeline Simulation 1

Lockout/Tagout Pipeline Simulation 1
This online pipeline simulation illustrates a working knowledge of proper lockout/tagout procedures by requiring learners to choose the correct..

SkyChefs 3D Flightline Safety Training

SkyChefs 3D Flightline Safety Training
This custom e-learning project is based on the client's internal flightline safety policies. The course included 3D simulations and if/then decision logic.

TSA's Security Sensitive Initiatives

TSA's Security Sensitive Initiatives
The US Department of Homeland Security: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hired us to develop a computer-based training asset to be...

Featured Clients

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An Engaging Experience

SafetySkills online safety training courseware encompasses rich media animations, studio produced audio, dynamic Flash and 3D simulations designed not only to convey the subject matter, but to engage the learner.

Your learners won’t be able to go brain-dead, simply toggling through slides; rather they are continuously challenged throughout the course to solve puzzles, answer questions and interact with the training.

Because Online Safety Training is NOT a Spectator Sport

Comprehensive Catalog

Online Safety Training

The SafetySkills training library consists of 350+ environmental, occupational health and safety (EHS) and human resources (HR) compliance titles targeted toward multiple industries.

We believe that training is more effective when the learner can identify and relate to the situations, subjects and environments specific to their own industry. SafetySkills online safety training courseware includes EHS and HR series focused on specific industries, including:

  • Powerfully Easy Training Management

    Our cloud-based LMS helps you assign, track and report on all of your organization's safety training activities.

  • Always Current, Always Compliant

    We are the support team. We stand behind our products with best-in-class, in-house technical and customer support.

  • Accurate and Effective Online Safety Training

    Over 10,000 companies choose SafetySkills to help meet their environmental and occupational health and safety training requirments.