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SafetySkills offers catalogs of courses created to specifically address the conditions and risks relevant to many different industries. Each dynamic, competency-based environmental, occupational health, and safety training course catalog is tailored to meet the needs of employees in a particular industry. Courses employ situational examples, interactive simulations and precise imagery relevant to the workplace environments and hazards commonly found in each targeted industry.

Colleges & Universities

Understanding the unique challenges that face higher education

SafetySkills understands the needs of the educational community and offers an extensive series of training products and services to deliver these competencies in a context relevant to campus actives, from laboratory research to plant maintenance to campus security and beyond.

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Retail & Grocery

Providing a safe and hospitable environment for customers and employees alike

From industry-specific learning competencies such as loss prevention and Code Adam lost child procedures, to everyday safety and compliance topics made more complicated by the public-facing and often inexperienced nature of the retail workforce, SafetySkills offers an extensive series of safety and compliance training products.

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Oil & Gas

Featuring dynamic training for the petroleum industry

SafetySkills works closely with employers in the oil and gas industry to develop targeted training to address the conditions and risks relevant to petroleum exploration and production through dynamic, competency-based EHS courses.

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Hospitality & Food Service

Delivering competencies for the complex service industry

Providing a safe and hospitable environment for guests and employees alike presents a unique challenge for service industry employers. SafetySkills provides hospitality and food service industry-specific learning competencies, such as food preparation and commercial laundry operations, alongside general topics such as fire safety that have been tailored to address the unique issues caused by the sheer scale and complexity of hospitality operations.

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Offering dynamic environmental, occupational health, and safety training courses

SafetySkills offers a number of courses created to specifically address the conditions and risks relevant to municipal workers. Based on published guidance from OSHA, EPA and DOT, the training employs simulations, situational examples, and imagery relevant to the needs of municipal employees.

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Defense & Homeland Security

Providing unmatched experience when safety is mission critical

For more than twenty years SafetySkills has been assisting government and private-sector organizations in strengthening their emergency planning, compliance, preparedness, and response capabilities, under even the most strenuous conditions.

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General Industry

Offering an all-encompassing safety program for all organizations

The SafetySkills catalog for general industry is designed to provide a complete training library for all organizations in any industry. Each dynamic, competency-based training course is designed to have a broad appeal and includes imagery and scenarios from a variety of industries and occupational settings.

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