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Manage your training program

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Safety training is important for any team in any industry, but implementing an effective training program does not need to be an incredibly daunting task.

The dynamic SafetySkills LMS makes it easy to find the necessary courses, assign them to the right person or group, and follow up on incomplete training. Whether you are a safety expert or just getting started, our LMS was built to make your job easier.

An LMS That Works for You

Online training course group

You have probably heard the phrase “content is king.” We believe that when it comes to safety training, there is no truer statement. Clients seek us out for our course content, and our LMS lets us deliver that training in the most effective way.

  • Over 1,000 titles, each created by industry experts
  • Adaptive learning is utilized to encourage active participation
  • Courses are regularly reviewed to meet changing regulations

Our in-house development teams use the latest digital technologies to build realistic environments that are familiar and relevant to the learners’ experience. Each course has a clean, professional look and feel, which allows the learner to immerse themselves into the subject matter.

Tracking with SafetySkills Engage

While we know our training content has to be easily accessible for all learners, we also understand how important it is that those responsible for the training can easily and efficiently do their jobs, too.

  • Total management of your training program on one simple platform
  • Auto-assign courses to be completed at regular intervals
  • Easily view course completions and track overdue or missed assignments

Managing a safety program is rarely the only job duty for any employee. Having one place to oversee continued training means more time can be spent on other important tasks.

Complete learning management reporting

For anyone managing a training program, it is crucial to know not only that employees are completing their training but that they understood the material. The SafetySkills LMS provides easy reporting tools to do just that.

  • Quickly view employee compliance based on the number of assigned courses
  • Create and save custom reports using more than 40 unique parameters
  • Have reports automatically emailed at a selected interval

With just a few clicks, you can easily see not only completions, but also overdue courses and those that were started but not finished. We make it simple to have full control of your organization’s training.

Group training

The SafetySkills LMS allows for full flexibility, letting users train any time, from anywhere. But many teams still enjoy the usefulness of group training. Our LMS makes that easy, too.

  • Create separate training sessions for departments, roles or any other attribute
  • Print off quiz questions and an answer key to ensure full competency
  • Schedule future group sessions and add reminders to anyone’s calendar

Group sessions provide the experience of traditional training with added benefits of online training, such as ease of use and enhanced content.

Have total control with our

EHS Management Suite

Our full package of safety tools allows you to review the hazards of a particular job, provide regular safety tips, report an incident and more.