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At SafetySkills, we offer a great learning management system and a full set of safety management tools, but at the end of the day, what differentiates us from the rest is our comprehensive catalog of dynamic and engaging interactive courseware.

We have more than 1,000 courses covering an extremely wide range of safety categories and hazards, plus many HR requirements and even a number of off-the-job topics and soft skills like time management or communication.

Full Courses

We release roughly 12 new training titles each quarter, along with multiple yearly course updates, to keep our content fresh and up-to-date with changing regulations.


We currently offer more than 660 microlearning titles that range from just 2 to 15 minutes so you can train your employees on a specific topic quickly and effectively.

International Regulations

We know that safety training is necessary in all countries, so our team works with industry and regulatory experts to ensure our course content meets international standards.

Supplement your platform

With our award-winning content

After many years seeing the success of — and the growing demand for — our safety training content, we knew we could offer even more. So we designed, built and hosted our own Learning Management System.

Having a dedicated SafetySkills LMS made it even easier for us to provide training to companies around the world. However, there are numerous other LMS platforms in use today and we know it may not be feasible for every organization to make the switch.

Because our mission is to protect workers through excellence in safety training, we want to provide access to our proven, trusted training courses to anyone, whether they need our LMS and safety management tools or not.

We create every SafetySkills course to be SCORM and AICC compliant, meaning our training can be integrated into any LMS that has the ability to receive those types of files.

And just as with clients who do utilize our LMS, our licensing partners don’t need to worry about training content being out of date. Depending on the delivery method you choose, when we update a course, your file will either automatically be updated as well, or we will send you a new file.

Schedule a free, no-commitment demo and discuss your content needs with our knowledgeable representatives to see how the SafetySkills training catalog can help your team stay safe and compliant.

System Integrations

We understand most of our clients find themselves logging into multiple software systems throughout the day to manage their day-to-day tasks, which can be frustrating and time consuming. The SafetySkills Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based system that stores user information and training records. Every SafetySkills course is SCORM 1.2/AICC compliant, which means our full catalog can be seamlessly integrated into just about any system. These are some of our current integrations, but we are adding new platforms every day.

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