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  • Identify Potential Job Hazards
  • Determine Applicable Safety Controls
  • Deliver Targeted Training
Safety is about more

Than just being compliant

For more than 20 years, SafetySkills has been a leader in creating effective safety training content. Now we are offering a full suite of tools that serves to strengthen our existing platform.

No matter how many employees your team includes, and no matter your past safety record, SafetySkills Empower can help you create an intuitive, functional and effective safety training program.


Your Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of training assignments and completions, along with both learning management and incident management metrics.


The Empower platform offers a simple process to create and update worksites, employees, job activities, hazards and safety controls that can be tailored for any industry.


Every company can apply numerous attributes to their learners, such as department or job title, to create the right learning groups for their specific needs, making assigned training a breeze.

Integrated Tools at Your Fingertips

Learning Management System

At SafetySkills, creating the best safety training content possible has always been our key focus. Our simple and effective training is what we’ve become known — and trusted — for, and nothing is changing with the introduction of Empower.

  • User-friendly navigation and multiple language options
  • Dozens of new and updated courses released each quarter
  • 3D animation and relatable scenarios to keep the learner’s attention

Behind the scenes, those with administrative permissions can easily assign training to individuals or to groups, using custom fields to easily differentiate learners. Courses can also be auto-assigned, making it easy to get most, or even all, of your team’s training ready to go for the entire year and beyond.

Job Hazard Analysis

A job hazard analysis (JHA) is one way to identify and work to correct potential dangers in your specific workplace. Conducting a JHA will help you understand the hazardous jobs in your workplace, what those hazards entail, and corrective and preventive measures you can take to reduce or completely eliminate the likelihood of incidents.

  • An easy step-by-step process walks you through the full JHA
  • Hundreds of hazards and controls come pre-loaded in Empower
  • Add custom controls to address your specific processes

JHAs are great first steps to building, or updating, any safety program. Empower makes conducting multiple JHAs quick and easy, which will not only save you time but it could end up protecting both your workers and your company by avoiding future potentially devastating accidents.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks have become increasingly more commonplace among safety professionals. Some safety training platforms have begun offering “toolbox talk” guides over generic topics. However, with Empower, your Toolbox Talks are created based on your completed JHAs.

  • Crafted to address the hazards and controls of your specific worksite
  • Utilize pre-populated hazard and control descriptions for consistent messaging
  • Walk through the full Toolbox Talk and track employee attendance on any device

Because the descriptions are populated ahead of time, there is no need for a safety professional to be on-site to conduct every Toolbox Talk. This straightforward, easy-to-use feature could change the way your team approaches daily safety at any job site.

Incident Management System

Even with all the safety training in the world, accidents still happen. When they do, Empower makes the incident reporting process a breeze, with a step-by-step interface that means anyone, not just a safety professional, can fill out this important information in a clear and consistent manner.

  • Easily fill out a report to note the incident details and attach photos or videos to create a complete record
  • Conduct a root case analysis to determine the causal factors of an incident using a fishbone diagram, the 5 Whys, or both
  • Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs), including SafetySkills training, to any incident factor

Having a complete report on record not only ensures each incident is resolved properly but it also helps you to see where additional training or other safety precautions may be needed.

OSHA Reporting

We created each feature of the Empower suite with our clients in mind, carefully considering what their safety program might entail and what we can offer to make their jobs easier. One thing we knew we needed to simplify was the OSHA reporting process.

  • Easily complete the OSHA Form 301, the OSHA 300 Log and the OSHA 300A
  • Much of the information is auto-populated from your company information and your incident reports
  • Quickly identify which information needs to be reported to OSHA and which needs to be retained for your own records

Note that, unlike the forms noted above, severe injuries and fatalities must be reported directly to OSHA (severe injuries within 24 hours and fatalities within 8 hours). All employers under OSHA jurisdiction must report these types of incidents; there are no exemptions here.

Empower your safety department

With one easy-to-use platform

At SafetySkills, everything we create is intended to help our clients train their entire workforce in an easy and effective way, from our innovative learning management system to our regularly updated course content.

Empower is a natural extension of our award-winning services, one that will allow any organization to build and implement a more complete safety program that will work for them.

When it comes to safety training, a common question is, “Where do we start?” Empower makes it easy to answer that, with intuitive instructions every step of the way acting as a guide.

Our intentional use of simple inputs means both a safety professional and a user with no industry experience can fully and effectively utilize every aspect of the platform.

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