Client Testimonial: Online Safety Training Within the Fitness Industry

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For more than 40 years, Healthtrax has been guiding members on a path toward lifetime health and wellness. Touting themselves as “a safe place where you won’t be intimidated or overwhelmed,” they offer both in-person and virtual fitness experiences for all ages, fitness levels and health goals.

Trainer gives instruction to woman

Healthtrax members enjoy access to group fitness, personal training, nutrition solutions, physical therapy, aquatics centers, basketball and racquetball courts, Olympic-style lifting areas, hydromassage and so much more.

With hundreds of employees across more than a dozen locations, Healthtrax needed to find a training partner that would allow them to provide efficient and consistent training to their widespread staff.

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Since making the switch to SafetySkills in 2020, Healthtrax has enjoyed how easy and straightforward the platform is to use, while at the same time offering their users high-quality training content.

Healthtrax Service Coordinator Jennifer Impronto noted how much easier the behind-the-scenes aspects of employee training are now, including the ability to easily set up one or more new employees, resending forgotten login information and even determining who has — and has not — completed their assigned training.

Additionally, Healthtrax employees find the SafetySkills platform easier to navigate and the training courses more user friendly than their previous provider.

Upon partnering with SafetySkills, the Healthtrax Director of Safety, Michael Smith, was able to review the full SafetySkills course catalog and select what he felt should be requirements for all new Healthtrax employees. 

Impronto explained he was very happy with the number and range of options he was able to choose from, and they continue to assign the Slips/Trips/Falls in Retail Sales, Bloodborne Pathogens and Globally Harmonized System courses to every new hire.

personal trainer gives safe advice

Another benefit of making the switch to SafetySkills has been the variety of languages offered within the training courses. With a number of non-English speaking employees, Healthtrax knew it was important to be able to provide the same experience to all employees so matter what language they felt most comfortable training in.

In an industry where the safety of the client is imperative, ensuring you can properly train your employees is an absolute necessity. SafetySkills has been able to provide Healthtrax with a convenient and consistent way to train existing and new employees no matter their location.

By partnering with SafetySkills, Healthtrax can feel confident that every employee is on the same page with safety training. Additionally, knowing they can adjust their selected training courses at any time gives them peace of mind in a space where health and safety truly are the sole focus.

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