SafetySkills Online Safety Training

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Pay As You Train
Access to hundreds of OSHA-compliant courses
Competency-format courses
Traditional-format courses
Customizable courses*
Customizable course interface*
Ability to launch on your LMS
Learning Management System (LMS)
Access how-to videos
Access to course syllabuses
Upload your company logo to brand your LMS
Ability to put your logo on completion certificates
Can assign and take training from same login
Exportable training reports
Add custom fields to learner information
Create learner groups
Customizable training reports
Users can be members of multiple groups
Assign based on role, department, group, etc.
Upload your own courses
Add your company materials to courses, events, and users
Ability to create and track offline events
Saved reports
Scheduled email reports
Advanced exporting
Automatic Assigning
Integrate with ERP's
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An Engaging Experience

SafetySkills online safety training courseware encompasses rich media animations, studio produced audio, dynamic Flash and 3D simulations designed not only to convey the subject matter, but to engage the learner.

Your learners won’t be able to go brain-dead, simply toggling through slides; rather they are continuously challenged throughout the course to solve puzzles, answer questions and interact with the training.

Because Online Safety Training is NOT a Spectator Sport

Comprehensive Catalog

Online Safety Training

The SafetySkills training library consists of 350+ environmental, occupational health and safety (EHS) and human resources (HR) compliance titles targeted toward multiple industries.

We believe that training is more effective when the learner can identify and relate to the situations, subjects and environments specific to their own industry. SafetySkills online safety training courseware includes EHS and HR series focused on specific industries, including:

  • Powerfully Easy Training Management

    Our cloud-based LMS helps you assign, track and report on all of your organization's safety training activities.

  • Always Current, Always Compliant

    We are the support team. We stand behind our products with best-in-class, in-house technical and customer support.

  • Accurate and Effective Online Safety Training

    Over 10,000 companies choose SafetySkills to help meet their environmental and occupational health and safety training requirments.