Training Requirements

Who is required to receive training?

Employers with 50 or more employees.

What must the training include?

  • Illegality of sexual harassment
  • Definition and examples of sexual harassment
  • Legal remedies and complaint process
  • Contact information for the appropriate departments/agencies
  • Retaliation prohibition

How often is training required?

Once every two years.

Is there a time requirement on the training?


Where can I find the law?

§711A of the Delaware Code

State Office Information for Sexual Harassment Complaints and Investigations

To learn more about the compliant process or to file a complaint, visit the Delaware Department of Labor Office of Anti-Discrimination website.

SafetySkills Recommended Training

Employee GroupTraining RequirementsRecommended SafetySkills Course(s)
Supervisory EmployeesRepeat every 2 yearsHRM-10.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Managers
Non-Supervisory EmployeesRepeat every 2 yearsHRM-17.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Employees