Training Requirements

Who is required to receive training?

All managers, supervisors, and workers engaged in janitorial services working for property services contractors.

What must the training include?

Definitions of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the workplace; strategies for prevention; legal protections for reporters.

How often is training required?

Once every two years.

Is there a time requirement on the training?


Where can I find the law?

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries – Chapter 839, Division 15: Rules Regulating Labor Contractors

State Office Information for Sexual Harassment Complaints and Investigations

To learn more about the compliant process or to file a complaint, visit the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries Civil Rights website.

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SafetySkills Recommended Training

Employee GroupRecommended SafetySkills Course(s)
Supervisory EmployeesHRM-10.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Managers
Non-Supervisory EmployeesHRM-17.2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination for Employees