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Bridging the Gap Between HR and Safety

One important aspect a human resources team handles is employee training. Much like HR in general, this can include many things, but it doesn’t always include safety training. However, perhaps it should.


Holiday Tips: How to Combat Overexertion

In 2019, as in each of the two years prior, overexertion accounted for more than 31% of all occupational injuries involving days away from work. But what exactly does overexertion mean? What kind of injuries does that include and how can you work more safely?

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4 Easy Steps to Successful Incident Management

While so much of the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry these days is about being proactive and recognizing — and then hopefully eliminating — hazards before they can even become an issue, accidents do still happen. And when they do, everyone needs to be prepared.

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7 Reasons You Should Be Holding Toolbox Talks in Your Canadian Workplace

Toolbox talks are small group discussions that easily and quickly highlight safety topics in a less formal way than a strict training

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7 Reasons You Should Be Holding Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks provide a way of easily and quickly highlighting safety topics in a less formal way than a strict training session.

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How to Select the Right Training Software for Your Company

So how do you decide which training software is right for your team? Here we will highlight some things you should consider before making such an important investment.

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Making Sure Your Safety Program is Ready for 2021

In the early months of any new year, safety professionals look ahead and make plans for their upcoming workplace safety programs. In 2021, we expect to see employee training as an even bigger focus than usual.

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Four Steps to Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

Conducting a JHA will help you understand the most hazardous jobs in your workplace, what those specific hazards entail, and corrective and preventive measures you can take to reduce or completely eliminate the likelihood of accidents, injuries and illnesses.

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Now is the Time to Prepare for Summer Jobsite Hazards

Learn about several summer jobsite hazards you need to be aware of to keep your employees safe and to avoid workplace illness or incidents.

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