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Scissor Lift Safety: A Blended Training Approach

Employers should train their employees on the hazards of scissor lifts, as well as proper safe operating procedures for using scissor lifts.


Silica Exposure Awareness

Employers are responsible for ensuring their employees are not exposed to more than the permissible exposure limits of respirable crystalline silica while on the job.

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Guidelines for Securing Vehicle Loads and Cargo

If your company employs drivers who transport cargo on the highway, it’s important that they follow these guidelines for securing vehicle loads and cargo.

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Recognizing and Preventing Cold Stress

It’s critical for workers and supervisors to recognize signs of cold stress, and for them to understand how they can protect themselves from cold stress.

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Exposure at Work

People who work around heavy machinery, fire or ignition sources should recognize these risks of carbon monoxide exposure and how to protect themselves.

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Rigging Safety

If your company works with cranes and other lifting equipment, it’s important for all employees to understand these proper procedures for safe rigging.

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Violence in the Workplace

By implementing these security measures and other administrative controls, you can ensure the safety of your workplace and employees. Learn more!

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Beryllium Safety

Beryllium is identified as a listed toxic substance and employers are required to protect workers from beryllium exposure in a number of ways. Learn more!

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Sexual Harassment for Managers and Employees in California

California law prohibits the harassment of and discrimination against employees, job applicants, unpaid interns, volunteers and independent contractors.

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