DEI in the Workplace: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

Many HR departments and organizations as a whole have begun to focus more on diversity, equity and inclusion, not only from a business standpoint, but also because, logically, we are moving toward a more diverse world. In 2020, nearly one quarter of the U.S. workforce was made up of non-White individuals, while slightly less than […]

Digital Learning in the Workplace: Why and How To Do It

As technology has advanced over the years, and society has become more adept at incorporating technology into everyday life, it makes sense employee training follows this same path and makes the digital transition. While not every team or organization may feel like they are fully prepared to switch to online learning, the process does not […]

Employee Empowerment: Training to Promote Confidence and Initiative

No matter where you currently are in your career, there have probably been times when you have asked yourself — or been asked by others — what you think it takes to make an effective leader. While that is no doubt an important question, you should also consider this: What makes an effective team? Across […]

How Valuable is the EHS Function in Business Resilience?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen how businesses have had to adapt to many changes — an evolving pandemic, supply-chain interruptions, reduced workforce numbers. One business function in particular was forced to pivot in a variety of ways, and in fact has proven its value in helping companies stay resilient through uncertainty. […]

A Quick Guide to Workplace Audits and Inspections

Safety professionals using audits and inspection tool

No matter if you are a longtime safety expert or know relatively little about the industry, you have probably experienced a safety inspection or safety audit at some point. But what exactly do these events entail and how can they help your organization? Terms to Know Before digging too deeply into the importance of audits […]

Personalized Training Using Adaptive Branching Learning Engagement (ABLE)

Employee taking online workplace training

Unless you have spent time in the education industry, you may not have heard of adaptive learning, but you have more than likely experienced it. When you were a child, you probably read a “choose your own adventure” book where you were able to select what happened at certain points in the story. Based on […]

Incident Management: RCAs and CAPAs 

Safety professionals performing workplace safety audit

For more than 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution swept across Europe and the United States, occupational safety has been on the minds of both employers and government organizations. The results, of course, have been numerous laws and regulatory bodies, including OSHA, which was formed April 28, 1971. However, all the regulations and safe practices […]

A Look at Employee Training Two Years into a Global Pandemic

On January 7, 2020, health officials identified a new virus responsible for an unusual pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei, China. Just over two months later, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic. This virus was named SARS-CoV-2 but is commonly known as COVID-19 or coronavirus. Now, more than two years later, much of the […]

Simplify Compliance in 5 Easy Steps

Staying compliant with health and safety regulations is a necessity for any business, not just because of the risk of receiving costly fines, but also to avoid potentially serious health and safety hazards. However, compliance doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are five easy steps to follow to make sure you are setting your safety […]

The Importance Of Native Language Safety Training

Over the last five years, Hispanic and Latino workers have seen the highest increasing rate of workplace fatalities of any ethic group, rising from 16% of all workplace fatalities in 2016 to more than 22% of all such deaths in 2020.  Similar trends can be seen in other populations with high numbers of limited English […]