6 Reasons to Ditch Your EHS Management Spreadsheet

EHS management is typically a more “old-school” role and safety managers in a wide variety of industries regularly rely on spreadsheets to track different aspects of their company’s safety program.  Spreadsheets are often used to record injuries and illnesses, maintain employee training records, document job steps and so much more. But just because safety management […]

Uplevel Your Higher Education Program with the Latest Online Training Technology

Perhaps unsurprisingly, facilities of higher education are often at the forefront of technological advancement when it comes to learning. Think of such commonplace classroom items as Scantron sheets, invented in 1972, or even the blackboard, introduced by a Scottish teacher in 1801. In fact, educational facilities even adopted early forms of e-learning, with the New […]

SafetySkills Empower: A Simplified Solution for Complete EHS Management

The environmental health and safety (EHS) field has evolved to be about more than just administering training and responding to incidents. In truth, EHS management also requires identifying potential issues and creating solutions for the inevitable workplace incident. Many people within the safety industry are likely aware of existing EHS management software options — and […]

2022 Online Training Trends: What to Expect in Safety and Beyond

Over the past year, more than ever before, companies large and small have been looking for ways to update and revamp their training programs. In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of employees to temporarily — or even permanently — work remotely. Despite changes in working conditions, employers were still responsible for administering all […]

What Makes Effective Online Training?

construction worker reportingon laptop

Throughout 2021, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies started looking for online alternatives for their corporate training programs. Luckily, the online training industry has arguably never been better, with improved technology and increased understanding of both what trainers want and what trainees need. Over the years, a wide variety of […]

Implementing Mental Health into Your OHS Program

Implementing Mental Health into your OH&S program

Occupational health and safety has been at the forefront of employers’ minds for decades, with some safety organizations getting their start in the early 1900s and, of course, OSHA being formed in 1971. However, mental health is often not considered on the same level as occupational health. In fact, while mental health concerns have recently […]

Reporting Workplace Injuries Based on Your Canadian Jurisdiction

Injured warehouse employee in Canada

No employer wants to think about their workers being injured on the job, but it happens all too often. According to the latest data available, in 2019, Canada saw more than 271,000 lost-time injuries. While that number may not seem high, keep in mind it is only for injuries that caused an employee to miss […]

Recordable vs. Reportable: Understanding These Important Compliance Terms

Female manufacturing worker on iPad

As with most government-related topics, OSHA recording requirements can seem complicated and overwhelming. However, it is often these types of topics where it is even more important to get things right. Understanding when to track incident records can help your company meet OSHA compliance and, ideally, avoid costly fines. Keep reading to learn more about […]

7 Tips to Share with Employees for Safety Month!

Employees having a safety meeting inside a plant

Every June, workers across America celebrate National Safety Month, established by the National Safety Council in 1996 with the goal of increasing awareness of health and safety risks and, ideally, decreasing the number of preventable injuries and deaths. For this year’s National Safety Month, we want to help the NSC in encouraging safety every day, […]